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The disability community in East Texas needs your help. Tyler Area Ambucs offers wheelchair ramps and adapted tricycles free of charge for individuals in need. Without community support, we will be unable to provide these services.

Adapted tricycles are expensive! Insurance companies do not cover them as they deem the equipment recreational. Amtrykes are not only recreational, but rehabilitative in many regards. Research shows that cycling can improve strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Not to mention improving the social aspect of riding alongside your peers, participating with family and friends, and being able to complete a common skill. Tyler Area Ambucs is dedicated to providing adapted tricycles to children and adults, including veterans who have returned as wounded warriors. Communities with veteran riding programs have seen an increase in veteran independence and an overall improvement with PTSD recovery. With tricycles ranging in price from $750-1250 each, we look to community partners to fund it, build it, and give it. ANYONE (including but not limited to individuals, families, businesses, Sunday School groups, classrooms) can give the gift of mobility to another! Cycling is such a fun and social way to do it! Join Tyler Area Ambucs in our effort to provide everyone who needs an adapted tricycle in the Tyler area with one to call their very own!

Every person deserves a safe and effective way to get in and out of their house. Ramps are an easy way to provide independence to those who need them. Materials for ramp building can be expensive for someone who is homebound. We are one of the only groups that can provide materials and labor for wheelchair ramp builds. We look forward to providing safe and effective ways for individuals in our community to access their homes! Join Tyler Area Ambucs in our effort to provide wheelchair ramps in our community. A standard ramp costs, on average, $1000 for materials. Labor is provided free of charge by volunteers. Any amount can assist in the purchase of supplies. Consider signing up to volunteer on a ramp build as well!

Please note that we are a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. We use Paypal's secure payment services to protect your information and privacy.

Please send all donations to:
Tyler Area Ambucs
5380 Old Bullard Road Suite 600, No 230
Tyler, Tx 75703


Make all checks payable to: Tyler Area Ambucs

Thank you for making a difference today!

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