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About Us

Tyler Area Ambucs is dedicated to creating mobility and independence for those with disabilities.

We do this in several ways:

  1. Amtrykes - Modified tricycles which create mobility for those who cannot ride a conventional bike. Our chapter provides Amtrykes to children in need in the East Texas area.

  2. Ramps - Our chapter partners with Texas Ramps to build up to twelve ramps per year.

  3. Scholarship Programs – Our chapter supports the Ambucs national scholarship program each year to provide scholarships for graduate level students pursuing physical, occupational, speech, and audiology degrees.

  4. Community Service – Our chapter volunteers several hours of community service each year. Through our efforts, we are able to raise funds and awareness to support our mission. Examples are serving with the East Texas Food Bank, serving the homeless at Church Under a Bridge, and more!


Our membership covers a wide range of professions throughout the community, including: Bankers, Therapists, Professors, Financial Advisors, and Business Owners. The Ambucs motto of “Shoulders Together” is truly evident when watching our diverse membership come together to help those in need.

Ambucs is the Fun Way to Serve! We have social events to allow our members to mingle and enjoy the latest chapter accomplishments. Members serve on committees and have an impact on how the chapter operates.

Tyler Area Ambucs meets the FIRST and THIRD Tuesday of each month with meetings usually lasting up to one hour. We have a speaker once a month that informs the group about their local business, organization, or hobby.

A full membership in the chapter is currently $30 per month, which can be paid monthly or quarterly, and includes your meal each meeting. A second tier is available for only $15 per month that does not include a meal. Our chapter provides its membership with the opportunity to help those in need, network with other members, and Have Fun!

Joining Ambucs is a decision you will not regret. Feel free to attend a meeting, as our guest, to gain a better understanding of our chapter and our benefit on the community. There is no cost to visit and you would be more than welcomed at a meeting.

Thank You For Your Consideration

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