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Amtrykes: Shoulders Together




The AmTryke project is an important part of what our organization offers. We donate these free to families that need them or therapists recommend them for an individual. Each AmTryke  is designed to give physically challenged children their first set of wheels and is one of several innovative AMBUCS programs at the national level. This unique tricycle, which is driven by hand, feet or both, improves motor coordination, cardiovascular conditioning, increases self-esteem, and best of all - It's fun to ride.


The AmTryke will benefit children with low muscle tone (like spina bifida) and children with cerebral palsy who need to build up normal muscle tone and control. The benefits include increased coordination, improved muscle strength, and improved balance. Some children with mild coordination and balance problems can also benefit from using the AmTryke. They are usually the ones who cannot ride a bicycle or tricycle. Some children have progressed from the AmTryke to a standard bicycle with training wheels. AmTrykes have also shown to help children walk with less assistive devices.


Here are just a few of the models that are offered. They can be specially outfitted and adjusted to fit a child's special needs. If you would like a catalogue or location of a demo site to view the full line, please feel free to contact us.


AM-12 50-0210 Model AmTryke�
AM-12 Model AmTryke� therapeutic tricycle It is suitable for children approximately 3 to 8 years of age, with a height of 36 inches to 42 inches and inseam measurements of 17.5 inches to 24 inches long.
AM-16 50-0410 AmTryke�
AM-16 AmTryke� therapeutic tricycle is suitable for children approximately 8 years of age and older, with a height of at least 41 inches and inseam measurements of 21 inches to 28 inches long.
AM-9L 50-0108 Model AmTryke� therapeutic tricycle
AM-9L 50-0108 Model AmTryke� therapeutic tricycle is the smallest size AmTryke that features the combination hand/foot drive.
AmTryke� ProSeries Model 50-1402
This tricycle is designed for children ages 8 to 15 years and is built on 16-inch pneumatic wheels.
Happy Navigator 50-0109 Model from Kettler
Standard tricycle comes with AmTryke adaptations already mounted for easy use with special needs children.
If you are a therapist, family member, or individual that knows a child who could benefit from one on these AmTrykes, please click on the links below and print out the application forms.

After you have completed the forms, contact us if you have any questions.


To view the complete line of AmTryke models and accessories, please visit the National AMBUCS website at: www.AMBUCS.com